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Through extensive conversations with students, educators, and policymakers, our community has recognized a critical gap in addressing mental health concerns. A recurring theme in our discussions has been the acknowledgment that individuals, despite being aware of available resources, often face barriers to access due to financial constraints. Particularly for young people, societal norms can impede the pursuit of their aspirations. Furthermore, a prevailing question that arises is, 'How can I support someone in crisis?' In response to these challenges, Hannah conceived the Sunflower Project as a proactive initiative to bridge these gaps and foster a more supportive environment for mental health within our community.

Why The Sunflower Project

Sunflower, support, Sunflower Project, turn to one another, sunlight, sunshine



"sunflower fact is young sunflowers track the sun, also referred to as heliotropism. In a study by ScienceMag, scientists reveal sunflowers have circadian rhythms, which promote this behavior"

Sunflowers, the radiant blooms that faithfully follow the sun, uniquely turn towards each other in times of need. Their robust stems and golden petals, sturdy and bright, symbolize resilience in the face of challenges.

But why sunflowers? In Hannah's upbringing, the wisdom passed down by her mother and grandmother was to emulate the sunflower's stature—standing tall, strong, and bright. When naming the organization, the choice was clear: Sunflower Project


#BeTheirSunflower became the rallying cry. Just as sunflowers support one another, standing tall and vibrant despite the weight they bear, we aim to encourage everyone to be a beacon of support for others. Like sunflowers, we may bow our heads under the weight of challenges, yet we persist in standing tall and beautiful. Join us in the Sunflower Project, and don't forget to #BeTheirSunflower—be the unwavering support that others can turn to, standing tall and radiant despite the adversities faced.

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