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After many discussions with students, educators and legislators, we as a community have been neglecting our mental health. One of the most common points of feedback that we have received is that although an individual may know of resources available to them, they may not have access due to financial constraints. Another challenge that is also faced for young people in particular, is the inability to pursue their ambitions based upon societal standards. Finally, the most common question that has been posed is "What can I do to help someone in crisis?" With each of these considerations in mind, Hannah had the idea for the Sunflower Project. 

Why The Sunflower Project




"sunflower fact is young sunflowers track the sun, also referred to as heliotropism. In a study by ScienceMag, scientists reveal sunflowers have circadian rhythms, which promote this behavior"

Sunflowers are the only flower that tracks the sunshine. They are also the only flower that turns towards one another when they are in need of additional sunlight. The strong, sturdy, tall stem and the bright, heavy golden petals that illuminate the field. So why sunflowers? 

Growing up, Hannah's mother and grandmother always told her to stand tall, strong and bright just like a sunflower. With the need for a name for the organization, it only seemed fitting to encourage people to #BeTheirSunflower. Sunflowers support one another, stand tall and bright despite the weight of their heads. They may hang their heads from the weight from time to time, but they still stand tall and bright. So, through the sunflower project, don't forget to #BeThierSunflower - be the person that people can turn to and one who despite challenges you face, still stand tall and beautiful. 

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