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"I feel isolated and alone in my mental health journey, where can I find support?"

Whether yourself or someone you love is battling a mental health condition, support is critical. It can be challenging to know how to help someone in crisis as well as what to do to help yourself. Through the Sunflower Project, we aim to foster a positive conversation about mental health and provide community support. During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hannah started a national Facebook support group entitled Quarantine UnfilteredSince the group was founded, it has since grown to host over 600 members. Similar virtual and in person support groups are available for those with mental health conditions as well as family members of those affected. If you are looking for a support group, check out the buttons below to find a support group near you. If you are interested in learning how to help someone in crisis, click the Mental Health First Aid button below.  Stay tuned for event updates in the coming months, where we will foster a positive mental health dialogue. 


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If you are interested in participating or listening to realistic conversations about the pressures of social media, and the realities real people are experiencing, and a place for a safe conversation about mental health, join Quarantine Unfiltered on Facebook!

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