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Mental Health First Aid

What is MHFA?

The Mental Health First Aid course is designed to instruct participants in recognizing the signs, symptoms, and warning indicators of mental health or substance abuse crises. Beyond identification, the course equips individuals with the ALGEE framework to effectively respond to such crises. Spanning one day and eight hours, this program serves as a valuable tool for the general public to adeptly assist those experiencing a mental health crisis.

It is essential to note that while the course complements organizational policies and legal reporting requirements, it does not replace them. Mental Health First Aid is not a certification for counseling but rather designates individuals as "First Aiders," akin to being certified in Standard First Aid.

Mental Health Importance:

Every 40 seconds, a life is lost to suicide, underscoring the urgency of prioritizing mental health. Statistics reveal that one in five individuals will grapple with a mental health condition at some point in their lifetime, emphasizing the widespread impact of these concerns. Despite the prevailing stigma, initiating conversations, extending a helping hand, and sharing personal narratives can be pivotal in saving lives. By recognizing the importance of prioritizing mental health, we can collectively contribute to fostering a supportive and compassionate environment for those in need.






ssess for risk of suicide and harm
isten non judgmentally
ive reassurance and support
ncourage professional help
ncourage self help

Your mental health does not define you 

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