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Meet Our Board

Hannah Palmer, Sunflower, Miss Michigan, Miss Sunrise Side, Miss Palmer, Ms Palmer, Sunflower Project

Hannah Palmer



Hannah is a third-grade educator within the Ann Arbor Public Schools system, currently embarking on her second year of teaching, where she consistently champions the implementation of social-emotional learning (SEL) initiatives for all students.

In 2015, Hannah received a diagnosis of major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. This personal struggle led her through a challenging journey, marked by five suicide attempts and the tragic loss of a family friend to suicide. The profound impact of this loss prompted Hannah to take the initial steps towards her own mental health recovery, seeking professional help and subsequently inspiring others to do the same.

In her unwavering commitment to mental health advocacy, Hannah actively engages with service organizations, educational institutions, and collaborates with state legislators. Through her compelling narratives and dedicated efforts, she endeavors to diminish the stigma surrounding mental health, fostering a climate of understanding, support, and proactive intervention.

Kathy Palmer, Kathleen Palmer, Sunflower Project

Kathy Palmer

Vice President


Kathy, an ardent supporter of Hannah, boasts an impressive career as a Technical Business Analyst in the mortgage industry, accumulating over 25 years of expertise in analysis, project management, and training. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education from Western Michigan University.

As the divorced mother of two remarkable young adults, one of whom initiated this non-profit endeavor, Kathy is also a devoted caregiver to a furry rescue dog. Over 15 years ago, she was diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Anxiety, an experience that has fortified her belief in the significance of a robust support system, therapeutic intervention, and judicious medication when necessary.

Kathy aspires to embody the role of a supportive figure, akin to a sunflower, for those in need, leveraging her personal journey to contribute positively to the mental health advocacy efforts championed by the non-profit organization.

Robin Clark, Sunflower Project

Robin Clark



Robin is a versatile individual with roles that encompass wife, mother, and educator. Celebrating 23 years of marriage to her husband Syamsyul, she is the proud mother of four children, aged 22 (son), 20 (daughter), 17 (daughter), and 14 (son). Professionally, Robin has dedicated over 20 years to high school mathematics education.

In her dual roles as a mother and teacher, Robin has navigated the complexities of mental health issues, particularly anxiety and depression, both among her own children and her students. Her extensive experience has positioned her as a compassionate source of support, often addressing diverse mental health challenges faced by her students. This includes guiding them through the profound impact of losing a friend or classmate to suicide. Robin's commitment to both family and education underscores her nuanced understanding of mental health issues affecting teens and beyond.

 Megan Albert, Megan, Jackson, Sunflower Project

Megan Albert



Bio Coming Soon! We are so happy to have Megan on our team!

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